Gong Cha x Grandma’s Restaurant

Grocery shopping with momsy, I'm sucha hermit these days. This is my not so OOTD-worthy OOTD. Dinner today will be: Fried Olive Angel Hair Pasta with Bacon & Minced Spiced Beef, with Baby Asparagus and Trio Fresh Mushrooms stirred in. Anything with Bacon will be good.

Was a fan of Gong Cha's Earl Grey Milk Tea until this:
Taro Milk Tea, 80% Sugar, White Pearls.
o(^^o) (o^^)oo(^^o) (o^^)oo(^^o) (o^^)o

I love olives! #Random

Spent $65 & hours on groceries only to decide to eat out at the end!

Dinner at Grandma's Restaurant @ Changi City Point. This is the Beef Rendang, pretty decent (better with chilli padi slices) except the lack of gravy. Everything lacked gravy there. 😦

Assam Prawns that were average, but they should be called Sambal Prawns instead.

Sambal Kang Kong/Morning Glory, yum tum!

Fu Yong Egg. Don't ever order this! Who messes eggs up!? All in all the meal at Grandma's Restaurant was barely passable. For a $47 meal with considerably smaller than usual portions, I don't think it's time/money well spent.

I get so easily exhausted these days. Time for a shower and if I'm still feeling alive by then I shall do a little reading before calling it a night. I'm definitely not smiling like the girl in the sticker. Ugh. Byeeeeeeeeee!

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