#UsherTheSpitz x Seafood Paradise

I feel like with Dayre there's an urgency to get the photos up before the clock strikes twelve. #Cinderella

I know we can "turn back the clock" but this keeps me "disciplined". :p

So till the next, goodnight! (:

Good Morning! I'm still tossing in bed, but someone else decided he's going to sleep on. #UsherTheSpitz #TheGoodLife

Took #UsherTheSpitz with me for breakfast earlier, he needed the exercise! He also needed a bath. I don't think anyone bathes my dog cleaner than me, 2 challenging hours but always a great sense of satisfaction after.

I wanted to take a photo of his handsome face but this was what he gave me instead. My dog has an attitude.

That aside, I also vacuumed & mopped the floor because SOMEBODY littered the entire house with his white fur. Tsk.

Fast asleep.

I'm left sticky and smelly and all things nasty! 😦

Dinner today, Seafood Paradise @ Changi Airport Terminal 2. The Paradise Group has one of the best soups around, if you're a soup lover like I am, I highly recommend them!

Chilli Crab (oh-so-soft) Tofu ❤

Honey Black Pepper Pork, also very tasty!

Cuttlefish with Fried Kang Kong/Morning Glory, drizzled in Spicy Sweet Sauce. Must try! The invention of fried morning glory has to be the best invention for veggies yet! Every crunch more addictive than the last!

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