I’m Hot & I’m Cold ~

Rise & shine sleepyheads!!! I realized my stickers don't drink beer. 😦 It would be a more appropriate depiction of my state right now/last night. I'm too old for this, I always wake up feeling excessively dehydrated. I wasn't even drunk, alcohol does this to me of late. Kids, don't drink alcohol. It's bad for your liver, and complexion.

But if you already did, drink a lot, a lot, a hell lot, of water when you wake up. I need to be a "shui tong" today. Argh. 😦 For my skin! For my skin!

Think I'm falling I'll. I'm feeling hot, cold, hot, cold, and hot again. One moment I'm snuggled in my fluffy jacket, the next I'm sweating in a shirt.

I thought my voice found it's way back yesterday, but I lost it again today. Now my nose is feeling funky as well.

Seems like I'm going to have to stay home today.

Ate an apple, even though I hate apples. #Desperate

I'm going to stay positive.

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