Merry Christmas 2013! ♥

There, finally contented with the amount of stickers I've used.

I guess the best present I've received this Christmas was a good full 9-10 hours of sleep. Extremely satisfying I must say.

365 more days to Christmas 2014! Let the countdown begin! (:


The importance of gift exchange seems to slowly diminish as each Christmas passed.

I remember how when I was younger, presents were the highlight of many events. Birthdays, Christmases.. 24 years later, nothing beats being blessed with great company.

( .. and a set of Chinese words.)

With that said, they do still put a smile on my face! (∩_∩) ♥

Thanks to every single one of those angels who thought of me this Christmas.


Christmas Eve / Countdown was spent with this bunch of Godsent friends. Cheers to a decade of friendship, and more to come!

We were taught how to shoot darts at i Darts Senso Bar that night. It might come in handy one day! ^^

I also remember making my first snowman two years back in Munich. It was really very tiny but I took a close up! :p

Munich has the most gorgeous Christmas I've ever seen. #Bible

Don't you think this sort of resembles..

.. this?

My toes deserve to be in the festive mood too!

( ^ ω ^ ) ♥


Merry Christmas!!! ❤

Think I just slept my Christmas away! If it wasn't because Usher came in and barked and scared the living daylights out of me, I'm pretty darn sure I would have.

Sleep felt so so good.

(I just wanna spam Xmas stickers cos they're really cute!)

Even though I don't really have much to microblog about, but it's Christmas! & this space deserves a Christmas entry! Yay!

The Grinch shall cease to exist!

Here's a random #throwback to that night at Holland V just bcos.

I don't think I've ever posted my face here before so wala, this is a first!

Now back to Christmas!

(Awww! Snow angels! Someday!)

I guess here's a promise to myself that Christmas 2014 is going to be AMAZING. It will be! (:

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