Starbucks x Jurong West Chicken Congee x Pepper Lunch x Jurong Roti Prata x Aston’s x Snapple x Peaches x 328 Katong Laksa

I'm back from a mini staycation at Lydia's! ^^v

I don't exactly know the purpose of this post other than the fact that I've a lot of yummy food pictures to share! These are just some of my cravings settled, so feast your eyes as I indulge to my heart's content! πŸ˜€

First up! Grabbing a Christmas drink before it gets taken off the menu! 😦 Loving my first hot Peppermint Mocha w whipped cream! I β™₯ it! We were freezing so this cuppa hot chocolate coffee was so darn orgasmic! #Starbucks

Jurong West Chicken Congee! I've waited more than a year for this! Oppa & Aiai brought me there ONCE and I've been whining (like a bitch) to go back there again! So FINALLY.

It's such a comfort food I think if I ever fall so ill and completely lose my appetite, I'll still be able to down this! β™₯

The watery congee coupled with the perfectly salted sesame oil dressing and a ton of pepper was perfect to the very last note! My taste buds were extremely pleased that morning! Don't even get me started on the moist tender steamed Hainanese Chicken & chilli dip! :O Even the breast portion melted in my mouth, and I'm not usually a fan of that cut! β™₯

We did a little shopping and munched on Salmon x Avocado Maki on the go. It was terribly unglam but sushi cravings: Checked!

We stopped for a rest at Pepper Lunch and ordered The GIANT, which was a generous slice of ribeye so we shared. Pepper Lunch has always been a place I seek quick fix for steak cravings. It's fast, it's reasonably priced for it's quality of meat, and quite conveniently available.

Cooked medium rare, the succulent mouthwatering slab of beef begged to be savoured. I like it drenched in Honey Brown Sauce, and then drizzling the hot mess all over my rice after. *DROOLING RIGHT NOW!* ~(>_< )

Later that night..

Chicken Lasagna: Checked!
Chilli Tuna on Toast: Checked!
Mamee Maggie Snack: Checked!

Day 2 | "Bringing the east sider out for brunch, Singapore style." – Oppa

First time trying Teh Cino and I still have no idea what's inside it but it was good!

One of the best Roti Prata I've had! There are just that few elements to a satisfying slice of fried dough.

– Thick rich curry, preferably mutton.
– A good chilli.
– Dough, and a skillful prata man to piece everything together.

Too bad it's in Jurong. Breakfasts and suppers could forever be changed! :p

"Like she has never seen prata before harhar." – Oppa (●﹏● ")

So this shall be called the never-see-prata-before pose. 😦

Dinner at Aston's Changi Airport Terminal 1!

I've so many cravings!!! >.< Glutton mode on!

Nine out of ten times I order the Grilled Fish with Herbs, with Mac & Cheese and Garden Veg to go along. But I was craving for beef! & They ran out of Garden Veg (What!?).

My third Snapple in two days. #Random just feeling like it.

Kiwi Strawberry ftw! β™₯

Peaches in bed.

Daddy cheated my feelings because they weren't as sweet as he claimed! :((

Last but not least (*phew*)! 328 Katong Laksa the brother packed home the other day! Just as I was fantasizing about it in the afternoon!

Best part would be the hummm! The cockles are always so big and fresh and juicy! Together with the Laksa gravy, it's simply divine!

We threw the Otah in for some added oomph! Yay! ^^

And YAY. That's all the pictures in my phone! Woohoo! Ending off this makan sutra post! Till the next! Till the next! My tum tum is so so happy!


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