#UsherTheSpitz x The Backstage Cafe x Marmalade Pantry x For A Good Time Call…

Ending the night with a little Mac & Cheese, & a chick flick.

G'night. xx

#Throwback #UsherTheSpitz

Got a pet pig at home.

#Throwback to two days ago.

Brunch at #TheBackstageCafe with the girls!

Majority of us didn't enjoy the food although I do think that it was passable. I liked that it was nestled in an industrial estate at 158 Kallang Way which ultimately means negligible crowd.

Crowded places are a pain in the ass.

Tempura Fish & Chips I liked but b hated. Carbonara which we all agreed was decent. Soup that had an overwhelming taste of herb. Iced latte, iced mocha and Piccolo coffee to go along! ^^

Took a walk around town and settled down for Sticky Date Pudding, Fresh Strawberry Shake and Earl Grey Tea b'cos..

One: We lao liao.
Two: There's always room for dessert! (;

Delicious as it was, Prive's slightly more moist Pudding takes the top spot on my list still.

These couple of days I feel helpless, and confused. I want to help a friend, but I'm not sure if my help is wanted. I want to be there for a friend, but I'm not sure if some personal space is appreciated. I don't know what is happening, and I don't know what I can do to help without crossing the line. I worry all day everyday, if anything, I hope you're okay. 😦

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