#UsherTheSpitz x Ritz x Soi Thai Kitchen x P.s. I Love You

Had a very slow sleepy morning.

Got down to giving #UsherTheSpitz his bath! Now that that's out of the way..

Usher smells fantastic right now! And his bum looks even fluffier than before! Whee! ❤

Now that he smells like a newborn baby (I love using baby powder on him), he gets the bed!





After fussing over the dog for what seemed like ages, the next couple of hours was spent camping for LB's launch. :O Chinese New Year's coming, and we all know what that means ~ ! Clothes, clothes & more clothes!

Will. Work. For. CLOTHES.

Downed an entire Ritz Mini Apple Strudel (Current damn obsession, someone please tell me it's not fattening!), and a ginormous glass of Iced Milo before it FINALLY launched. Possibly at 6.28/9pm exactly, if anyone's curious.

I'm so happy I got the stuff I wanted. So so happy. ^^

With that peace of mind, life went on. Boy was I glad.

First stop was to have dinner with the folks at Soi Thai Kitchen. Decent, but my heart is still with Nakhon Kitchen.

This is the Thick Thai Tom Yum Soup with Chicken, although personally I think seafood complements Tom Yum Soups best.

Thai Seafood (Red) Curry.

Loving the spices but definitely not spicy enough! Also, by seafood they meant prawns and squid only. 😦

Stir Fried Kai Lan.

Beef Paneang.

Almost like a Thai take on Beef Rendang, slices beef soaked in a slightly sweet red curry. Still, lacking heat if you'd ask me.

Today's bedtime show was:

P.s. I Love You

I don't know why I haven't caught this show because I've read the book and loved it tremendously.

So many parts of the show got me tearing, and I'm never one who'd tear easily watching a show. It is indeed a very touching story about love, and how nothing is forever.

We are lucky (for the majority of us at least) to not have to experience such tragic loss and cruel separation, but there will be a time for it eventually. Heartbreaking isn't it.

Okay before I go all grandmother-story-mode on this, I do think it is the best love story movie (and book) I've came across and would definitely be rewatching it someday.

It's been an emotional night, with lots of reflection, a journey down memory lane, and a moment of vulnerability.

Sometimes we just have to go with: Whatever happens… happens.

Concluding the entry with one of the many beautiful lessons from the show.

P.s. Gerard Butler is so damn sexy! ❤ Haha! ^^

G'night, & sweet dreams! (;


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