LOL x Department of Caffeine x Love Bonito x Twelve Cupcakes

Afternoon flick on a lazy Sunday is

Starring Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore.

As much as it's a romance movie, I love this show! It also kinda emphasized how the old Miley is so much more likable. And, Douglas Booth's character as Kyle is so damn hot. Quiet charming introvert good guys are always hot. Hehe.

Douglas Booth as Douglas Booth. Look at those eyes and sexy jawline. Haha. :p

Gonna do a little throwback to a brunch date that day! (:


FOODPORN!!! We had our own favourites so all's good! ^^

Sundried Tomato & Herb Waffles / Chicken Corden Bleu / Smoked Salmon Scramble / Elderflower Lemonade / Iced Mocha / Piccolo / Mango, Yoghurt & Fresh Mint Smoothie @ #DepartmentOfCaffeine

We dropped by the #LoveBonito pop-up store and I tried on the Junith Jumpsuit. No guts to get it though. Rompers look weird on me, and I'm not ready to commit to a jumpsuit!

Perhaps another time!

Took a #TwelveCupcake break, rested our feet and chatted the rest of the afternoon away before going our separate ways. ❤

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