Kith Cafe x The Connoisseur Concerto x Chalet Girl x Homemade Dinners

#Throwback to Fridayz! (:

F r i d a y ' z Brunch Date | Big Breakfast / Truffle Fries / Ice Honey Milk Latte / Strawberry Smoothie @ #KithCafe w da gorgeous S! ^^ ♥

Dinnerrr w ma Aiai! Wafu Beef Spaghetti / Beef Brisket Baked Rice / Buffed Up Buffalo Wings / Mint-Choc Frappe @ #TheConnoisseurConcerto #TCC

My house is turning into a Love, Bonito warehouse. 😏

Movie night couple of nights back was

Chalet Girl
Starring Ed Westwick and I-don't-really-care-who. Any show with him in it is wicked. Heh.

But nice show. (:

Homemade dinners. I quite like the western version of dinner, a little bit of everything and a healthy portion of vegetables for a change.

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