City Plaza Ban Mian x Lady M x Singapore Style Porridge by Mosses Lim x AMANDA

I love Pink. & I love Sundays. (:

[Jayden Skorts by #LoveBonito , Bag by #CharlesKeithOfficial]

#Throwback throwback!

It kinda defeats the purpose of microblogging but oh wells..


6 bowls of City Plaza Ban Mian / Mee Hoon Kueh!!! <33 Yum Tum! ^^v

The chilli is the best part!

Desserts that look good but taste even better! Best Crepe Cake yet! ❤

Lady M Signature Mille Crepes Cake / Lady M Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake / Strawberry Shortcake / Iced Lady M Grey Tea / Iced Cappuccino / Cafe Au Lait @ #LadyM

After a very fruitful day with the girls, I joined my folks for dinner at

#SingaporeStylePorridge by Mosses Lim

Baby Squid was the first dish served. Yummey! ^^

This Beef dish was my favourite of the night. I do not know what it's called because I wasn't paying attention when the order was taken.

Basically it's beef slices braised in a really delicious salty clear broth that's freaking addictive! Definitely gonna order this again!

The only downside is that the fats and tendons made it very chewy. 😦

This is their Signature Salted Egg Fried Fish Skin.

It would make a great TV time snack but for dinner I found it to be a little dry.

Tasted like.. a Chinese version of chips. More delicious, more salty, and more unhealthy. :/

They called this the "Si Day Tian Wang" which translates into the Four Heavenly Kings, if I'm not wrong.

I don't know why because they just looked like normal everyday vegetables to me.

Stir-fried Eggplant, Ladyfinger, Long Beans and French Beans in their Sambal chilli.

Delicious, but not impressive.

The night ended with


Finally a horrendous flick. So bad it was nothing but an absolute waste of time. Do not catch it.

That was my Sunday spent with amazing girlfriends and the fam fam. Here's hoping yours was a weekend well spent too! (:

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