Itacho Sushi x McDonald’s x / @shopcarrmenntann x Mac & Cheese

Lost & Found!

[COVET Caddell Tank Top by #LoveBonito]

And bcos my photographer is amazing, here's another decent shot of me that I (shamelessly) love. ^^

• I t a c h o S u s h i •

Lunch with a friend that day. Tryna catch twister fries before it gets taken off the menu again. 😦 McDs should consider putting twister fries on their permanent menu!

They are also serving Taro (yam) pies right now! These have a sentimental value because before they were available in SG, I always always eat them when I'm on a trip to China. So it's kinda like my own China trip tradition. Now that I no longer fly there, being able to have them here does bring back a lot of those memories.

#Throwback to some poolside time that day. I really need to burn off some calories after all those nom nom dates! 😦

But I had an ultra ultra fulfilling lunch (like a 2-in-1!) so it kinda cancelled out. Fail fail fail! >.<

But it was yummy! ^^

Moving on to something a little more productive. I've finally created my selling post! FINALLY.



My wardrobe is exploding!!! So, reluctantly, I have to let go of some preloved items. Or if you see something you like, do email me to enquire! (:

I also blogged, briefly. (:

And FINALLY after all the throwbacks, I'm back on track with TODAY (I think & hope).

This is today's breakfast. I love LOVE Mac & Cheese! This Kraft Mac & Cheese I super love because it's one of the few dishes I can actually whip up, albeit INSTANT – Mac & Cheese. ^^v Hee.

There's the Taro Pie from that day, and my Dilmah Strawberry Mango Tea!

I'm so incoherent with my entires! :/ Oh gawd! >.<

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