The Lucky One x So Undercover x III Cafe x #UsherTheSpitz x #JuniorTheSheltie


The Lucky One
Starring Zac Efron & Taylor Schilling

One of the best romance flick ever!

I was never a fan of Zac Efron up until a few days back. Something about his character in this show that makes him absolutely charming. I do think that it's one of his best work yet. I am reluctant to return the DVD because I so desperately want to watch it again! It's that good! I almost never rewatch shows. It's a slow film filled with conversations, tears, and passion. Patience dears!

The chemistry between the both of them was so so.. OMG.

Sucker for scenes like this. 😡

How did one role turn Zac into a complete hunk. LOL. Okay I sound so hua chi.

But seriously!?

Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

Moving on! I also caught

So Undercover
Starring Miley Cyrus

So amateur. It was not bad bad, but it was so.. bad. Like at her age, and experience, I think it's fair to expect something a little more challenging from her.

Met up with my favourite Winklets recently and we visited the III Cafe at East Coast Road. It's a Dog Cafe Yay! So Fred and I brought our furkids along! ^^

Root Beer Float / Milk Soda / Cranberry and something Tea :/

Nachos and Cold Cheese. 😦

But we were so starving it didn't matter.

Fred had like the Brunch option. Scrambled eggs with Salmon. Honestly, that combination tasted weird, made the eggs fishy. 😦

JJ and I had the Roasted Half Chicken. I hate giving bad reviews but this chicken was like the Cold Storage chicken reheated a gazillion times. No doubt the skin retained the marinate rather well, but the meat inside was dry and.. It just didn't taste fresh at all.

That and, who puts a side of sweet fruits and sweet Mayo on a plate of savory dish. Personally I'm rather anal about mixing my sweet and savory together so needless to say I was turned off.

Wedges tasted like wedges at least? 😦

Chengy had her Brownie with Ice Cream as usual, she always order desserts for main this girl.

The Ice Cream was the least bit impressive, and the Brownie according to her was also dry!

I really don't understand how someone can put forth such food. But, it is a good place to just order a drink and chill with the doggies, on weekends. It is extremely quiet on weekdays with minimum company.

Time to turn in! I'll do pictures of the pooches later!

The two furkids taking over our seats!!! 😒

#UsherTheSpitz #JuniorTheSheltie #nobignosmall
(Photo Credit: Fredadarling)

#UsherTheSpitz #JuniorTheSheltie
(Photo Credit: Fredadarling)

Ain't no Sheltie as gorgeous as this one!

(Photo Credit: Fredadarling)

(Photo Credit: Fredadarling)

(Photo Credit: Fredadarling)

I am one proud momma! ^^v

(Photo Credit: Fredadarling)

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