MEDZS x Smoothie King x Nakhon Kitchen


As I was leaving, my brother said "You very Chinese New Year today!"

When I met my friends they said "After this you going bai nian?"

Let's just say this is my take on a pre-CNY ang ang #ootd. So far I've decided on Day 1 & 2's outfit and none of them is red at the moment. Maybe a red dress for reunion dinner?

For the past month, shopping and splurging with an excuse has been really fun! ^^

Somewhere over the r a i n b o w

Also, visited the playground with my family. Haha. Such nostalgic childhood memories!

Those days we had sand.. badly abused inferior and exterior.. a lot a lot of candle wax from all those years of Lantern festival.

These days the playground looks so clean and "atas". We used to have pineapples, watermelons, and mangosteens as design inspiration. Haha!

Nevertheless we took a climb for old times sake, and to see if our old bones were still up for it. It was so much fun. (:

On a very random but loved note, I met Oppa to pass her some dresses and she bought me Smoothie King to try because we've been going on and on and on about wanting to taste it despite numerous unsuccessful attempts.

I'm extremely grateful she brought Smoothie King into my life!!! Haha! It's so shiok! I used to think Boost was the best I can find in SG and boy was I glad to be wrong!

I'm a new convert and a total addict! ❤

Had dinner at Nakhon Kitchen with Jas & Jaz. Jo why you food poisoning! :((

No need to introduce this place, where have you been if you haven't heard of Nakhon!!! It's my FAVOURITE Thai food place, and to me they serve by far the best most authentic Thai food around!

I can eat you every freaking day Nakhon!!! ❤

That's the Pandan Chicken.

Minced Beef with Hot Basil Leaves.

Also another of my fav! ^^

Fried Fish with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.

Could have been better this one.

Clear Seafood Tom Yum Soup

Duh, must order! Both the clear and the creamy one's good! Yum tum!

Thai Style Kang Kong

Standard dropped on this dish, the Morning Glory was not as fresh. 😦 But still good! Okay I'm just biased! ^^

All in all, a satisfied meal with amazing company! More to come! More to come! Hopefully this time with full attendance! Yay!

Catching up with my pretty girls over Sunday brunch!

Seafood Paella / Chicken Paella / Sausage & Rosti / Carbonara / Rainbow Cake @ #MEDZS
(Pst! The Rosti is better than Marche's!)

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