I Don’t Know How She Does It x Playing For Keeps x Butter

Managed to catch quite a few shows lately, but all of them misses in my opinion.


I Don't Know How She Does It
Starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

I love her from Sex and the City.

This show is about how she juggles work and family life, something most women want. Decent, but not fantastic.

Then there's

Playing For Keeps
Starring Gerard Butler.

I thought anything with him in it shouldn't be too bad but I was wrong. :/ It's about a soccer star trying to get his life (along with his ex wife and son) back together after soccer stardom. Yep, boring.

And finally there's

Starring Jennifer Garner.

Which as the name suggests, is about butter (or butter carving to be exact), and is straight up lame. 😦 Like before I thought any show with a hottie shouldn't be too bad and I was wrong, again.

I hope this terrible luck with shows ends here. 😦

Now, 7.30pm and two days to Chinese New Year..


Ugh. Can't wait for dusty wardrobes and a horrendous flu to come. >.<

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