Wimbly Lu x Starbucks x Koi x Ritz x MOF x Wild Honey

• S u n d a y B r u n c h • [Calston Dress & Holton Heels by #LoveBonito , Bag by #CharlesKeithOfficial]

Doing a major throwback because I am THAT lagging. Pardon me please. 😦

FINALLY at this place to check out the hype! LOVE the food there! 😋💦 Ice Cream Waffles / Bacon & Egg Crepe / Cottage Pie @ #WimblyLu

Caramel Frappuccino cos I'm a Starbucks addict like that! 🙊☕️

Nostalgic! Laksa after facial! It's been a while! Shiokalala! ^^

Koi koi koi koi koi while running errands one day! Shiok! A little sugar for an otherwise mundane day!

Choco burger! Apparently it's a childhood snack I never got to try! So glad Aud got it for me because it's so damn delicious I'm absolutely addicted to it now!!! :O

Ritz Mini Apple Strudel.

Yet another of my crazy current addiction!

Dinner at MOF.

Been treating myself to good food recently! Yay! The Iced Matcha Latte is a must order for me! Omg! I'm craving it right now! 😭

• Sunday c o l o r s ! • So tired I slept 27.5 hours for possibly the first time! 😱😣😴 & now, the #throwback begins! 😬🙆

[Vest by #Forever21 , Bag by #CharlesKeithOfficial , #Shoes by #ASOS]

Almost done!!! This is today's post on ig, despite being Sunday's brunch! >.<

Canadian / Norwegian / English Breakfast @ #WildHoney

Still loving my Norwegian Smoked Salmon the most!!! Yum tum!!! 😋💦

Phew! I might be finally done for today.

Till the next blast! Till the next! (;

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