Valentines Day x Tsukada Nojo

This will probably be me in the next hour.

For now, a teeny throwback to "clear" the miscellaneous pictures in my phone~

🙆 One more bao bao to the collection! 💕 Throwing on a little more white than I should, I'm not usually the most careful person when it comes to keeping myself away from stains. 😱

[Bag by #Kissablebella]

T W xx D

Loving loving and loving this bao bao! Searched high and low for this baby honestly! Totally worth the price too! 🙆


A little throwback to Valentines Day this year. Dinner @ #TsukadaNojo where they specialize in Jitokko, served in a collagen soup beauty pot!

I'm a sucker for anything collagen! Needless to say I was more than happy gulping all the goodness down! Yum tum!

Tasted like thick ramen soup, delectable! 😋💦

I enjoyed how the entire nom-ing process had a strict order to it.

First a sip of the original soup, next add exactly which ingredient in. At which interval to add what ingredient. So.. Orderly. Perhaps the Virgo in me felt a certain sense of relief. 😏


In the name of beauty!


And a very unique dessert to end off a very unique meal. Strawberry jelly but tasted every bit like my childhood cola sugar crumbs soaked in jelly.

Happy Beeelated Valentines Day all you guys. Thank you Aunty Chris and Jazreel for the treat and company, and momsy for an awesome mother-daughter double date! 😘


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