Royce x Al-Mahboob Rojak x Starbucks

Royce Nama Chocolate [Champagne Pierre Mignon] for breakfast! 😋💦

• P (ill) P o p p i n ' •

Lost count of the number of flu pills I've popped this month. 😷 Sickly ootd. 😔 Haze haze go away ~ ☁️

Been sick all month. 😢

[Premium Hepburn Dress by #Agneselle , Bag by #CharlesKeithOfficial , Haddie Heels by #LoveBonito]

Here's another shot but if you look any closer you can spot Rudolf's nose on me. 😟 For the most part of the rest of the shots my nose was too red! Heh! 😕

[Premium Hepburn Dress by #Agneselle , Bag by #CharlesKeithOfficial , Haddie Heels by #LoveBonito]

This was lunch at a very authentic Korean restaurant one day. I didn't manage to get the name of the shop, but I'm certain we'll be popping by again!

Spicy beef soup, yums to the tums!

I love love love the side dishes too! Those to me are more often than not the highlight of the meal! Hehe! So shiok all those little bites!!! 😋💦

#MahboobRojak @ S11

Indian Rojak was my lunch snack today! This is the legendary Tampines Indian Rojak, some had to queue 45 minutes for it but I was lucky enough to only have to wait 15-20 minutes! Yay!

Delicious! Sinful indulgence! The sauce was ridiculously unhealthy yet awfully addictive! The little bite size dishes fried crispy and injected with aromatic spices! Unlike the usual, these were not as oily. I see how it's gotten the hype around here! Will definitely go back for more!

Last but not least, a cuppa coffee each for the caffeine addicts.

Iced Mocha / Iced Hazelnut Macchiato / Hojicha Latte @ #Starbucks

Finally ending off yet another very incoherent post!

Goodnight! (:


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