Haul x Forever 21

I'm back I'm back I'm back! Here's part 2 of my meal from the last entry! I'm terrible! πŸ™ˆ

My kind of dessert.. A damn good chocolate molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream on the side! πŸ˜‹πŸ’¦πŸ¦ (Non) guilty indulgence!

β€’ K n i t t e d I n G r e y β€’

Throwback OOTD.

[Dress by #hnm , Shoes & Bag by #CharlesKeithOfficial]

| Black | White | Tweed |

& the obsession continues…

#kissablebella #lovebonito #charleskeithofficial

Checked in at #Forever21 for a teeny retail therapy. Fitting room fun! Yay! Love the blue on blue here!

Nothing but a whole lot of trial shots, bear with me here! πŸ™Š

#Forever21 #F21

#Forever21 #F21

This kinda reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw from SATC. Didn't mean to pair it like this, I was just randomly trying on sizes. Quite an interesting look. 😐

#Forever21 #F21

Here's the same top in black which I preferred but did not get cos I can't decide if I liked the collar.

Forever21 #F21

B'cos it rained earlier, the air smells so much better now.

No more throwbacks! I'm exhausted. All that preparation work for the week ahead. Ironing of clothes, sorting out my pile of accessories from last week, and separating my make up products etc etc. I'm a mess when I'm in a rush. 😣

But all's well and back in place now!

Bedtime! *Yawns*

Goodnight everybody! 😴

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