Here we are, on a Sunday again. I swear I can't feel my legs, or the entire bottom half of my body for that matter. 😢 Last weekend, so much things to do. I. Will. Just. Die. 😭 🍞🍳 Breakfast for dinner w my Winklets! 💞 Eggs Benedict @ #StatelandCafe

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Fighting! Fighting! Fighting! 💪 It's Monday! It's the start of the week! Here we go! All over again! 累。

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Platypus Gourmet2GO x Gem Bar

Completely exhausted. It's 6am now and I'm still in the midst of my mini spring cleaning since this evening. I decided to make use of this long weekend to do a little organizing because the clutter is 1. Getting outta hand 2. Making me feel like a mess, which in turn translate to my life […]

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