Huggs Coffee x Hai Di Lao x Aglio Olio Bistro x Tom Yum Kungfu


It's been a really hectic week. Not catching up with sleep is such a norm these days. Feeding off caffeine is also now my main source of energy.

It'll all get better as it goes along. But for now, just one day at a time. Let's go. 💪

This is my ultimate comfort food. The mala soup never fails to bring a smile to my face. An orgasmic one indeed. Ugh! Drool just typing this! 😱 A glutton's horror!

Here's a throwback, but still loving my Claire Jacket kindly sponsored by the lovely @Tiara_Sg!

• •

[Claire Jacket by #TiaraSg , Bejou Bralet & Holton Heels by #LoveBonito , Jeans by #TopshopSg]

U p c l o s e .

A very bad picture of a very good pasta. The Aglio Olio & Carbonara pastas are hands down one of the best I've eaten so far! Seafood Cream Base Pasta @ #AglioOlio 😋👍

Fooling around with the girls over lunch that day! (:

Throwback shopping sometime last week! Ugh. I miss those days of freedom, terribly. The luxury of time. 😦

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