Wings Bar

Chilling at Smoothie King while waiting for a friend to arrive. Thought I would do a little throwback. It's been a long hectic weekend, one more day – Sunday. TGIF was spent with my dearest winklets. The bunch of people who means the most to me. 10 years of friendship and still going strong. #WingsBar […]

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Currently having a food coma at work. Gimmie a.. Hugg. 😢 Here's #UsherTheSpitz silently protesting that the night should end right.. now.. Zzz.

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Les Bouchons x #UsherTheSpitz x Hai Di Lao x Laurent Bernard Chocolatier x Wine Bar x Starbucks

Throwback to an awesome dinner a long long time ago. Succulent slab of steak, definitely recommend it to anyone who's a fan of red meat. Loving the atmosphere along Ann Siang too, kinda brings you somewhere a little foreign. Somewhere a little out of the hustle and bustle of this little red dot. Does have […]

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Feeling down.

Feeling like ever since work started, every other aspect of my life seems to be falling apart. Life revolves around nothing but work. I miss the time I can just hang out with my girlfriends. Coffees and brunches, retail therapy, and impromptu mid afternoon dates. I feel like I'm starting to lose friendships, honestly. I […]

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Slept 7 hours last night, but I desperately need more. Don't. Wish. To. Wake. Up. 😢

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BBQ Squid @ #FiveIzakayaBar I'm not kidding when I say I slept 4 hours yesterday, and only 3 hours today. I. Can. Feel. My. Head. Spin. Or maybe, I can't even feel my head spin anymore. 😢

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Nam Nam Noodle Bar

Pho Beef Steak Slices @ #NamNamNoodleBar 👗. Pink! [Jurique Neoprene Dress & Haddie Heels by #LoveBonito , Bag by #CharlesKeithOfficial] [Jurique Neoprene Dress by #LoveBonito] Ugh! Pre Monday blues! A part of me refuses to sleep. A part of me considering reporting sick b'cos of a stubborn flu bug. A huge part of me feeling […]

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Guess where. Satisfying my tutu cravings! 😋💦 Nomz ~ peanut coconut peanut coconut ~ I cannot decide! On an extremely random note, here's me falling sick the day before. 😦 #flubug On a more adorable yet still random note, here's #UsherTheSpitz falling asleep on me the other day.

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