City Plaza Ban Mian x Tanjong Pagar Kimchi Soup

On my way home from work & I thought maybe I'll update a little foodporn.

Favorite dry Ban Mian @ City Plaza.

The soup one's good too but personally the black sauce and to-die-for chili takes the crown! So, while on my way back to office last Thursday, I couldn't resist but alight the bus for some heavenly goodness! *Slurps!* πŸ˜‹πŸ’¦ Self pamper after 3 back to back appointments, I could die. 😭

That, and I bought a bottle of the chili. Hey, $3.50 of happiness, I can't say no to that! πŸ™†

And even further back, here's a Korean joint along the streets of Tanjong Pagar. Last Tuesday after a lawyer's appointment. Pardon me but I can't recall the name of this place, I was starving so bad the picture's not even clear! πŸ™Š I do know it's along the stretch of the red building. 😬

Loving my Kimchi Soup. I prefer the flavors to be bolder when it comes to this soup, so I was pleased. Sour & spicy then will shiok mah! Haha! 😝

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