Omakase Burger x #UsherTheSpitz

Saturday's breakfast, Curry Yong Tau Foo with the family. ❀

Good old Root Beer Float @ #OmakaseBurger

πŸ” Ultimate Burger x Truffle Fries @ #OmakaseBurger

Had a lot of people recommend me this burger so when I came across an outlet at Turf city the other day I HAD to give it a try despite having already taken dinner.

The patty was juicy beyond burgers. So juicy it made the bun mushy, which was probably the only downside of having overly mouth watering succulent slab of meat in a burger.

This is almost a cross between a fast food burger and a gourmet burger. Seemed like any other fast food joint except the price was almost three folds! 😱

But served with an awesome classic root beer float and Truffle Fries side, I cannot resist! πŸ˜‹πŸ’¦

Lazy Sunday.

(As with every other Sunday. πŸ™Š)


Boy does he look happy. πŸ˜ƒ


Bubble bath, finally feeling a tad bit more relaxed. Finally. Even tons of sleep on Saturday didn't help. 😞

Soaking my sore feet in some foot mask's essence. Sundays are spent recuperating my battered body and prepping it for Monday all over again.

Pre-Monday blues? 😣

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