Out this morning for breakfast with my dad, and his dad, and mom. Good old porridge, how comforting. Love slow mornings like this.

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Running errands today. No make up & it's pouring so ridiculously I'm trapped in a building. 😦 It's cold & I'm freaking starving. πŸ˜• Chili Cheese Dog @ #MadMan This is THE BEST hotdog bun ever. Like PLEASE I BEG YOU to try. Never craved for something so simple so bad before! Words cannot describe, […]

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Was back at the clinic today, used the toilet & realized how gorgeous those tiles were! #Random Each of them a tiny shimmering brick almost holographic, reflecting a spectrum of rainbow colors. 🌈 (I tried my best to capture the effect 😟) I need this in my future bathroom. #mission I need a getaway. πŸ˜­πŸΉπŸ‘™ […]

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Wild Honey

Brunch with mommy dearest. Cuppa Flat White for her! #WildHoney Cuppa Cappuccino for me! ☺️ #WildHoney A hearty Aussie for her! #WildHoney A fishy Norwegian for me! #WildHoney What's on the table. #WildHoney A very satisfied momma. πŸ˜„ #WildHoney Brought her to H&M to goof around a little, and of cos to snap up some […]

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Work frustrations. 1. I am so physically exhausted. 2. Customers are driving me mentally insane. 3. All the ups and downs and idea of hope and bullshit is driving me absolutely emotionally insane. Argh. Yes ARRHHH! Ended work on time today bcos I need the break. N-E-E-D. 😭

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Clinic Visit

Starting my Saturday with an appointment at the clinic. Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. Appointment's at 10.40am. What is the point of making one when waiting time is 30 – 45 mins. But I had to wait a month to get this slot, so I guess.. I can't complain. 😞 Lunch w Debs @ Ion that day. […]

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Honestly, the aroma of piping hot coffee in the morning, I cannot ask for more. I sillily ordered one cup for my colleague and I, goes to show how desperately I need my caffeine today. So thank you Debbie for being a huge lifesaver and getting an extra cup for me. Yay! 😘

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Tom N Toms Coffee

πŸŽ€πŸŽ€ Love, pink. πŸŽ€πŸŽ€ [Kristal Knit Dress by #LoveBonito] The shot that didn't make it to my Instagram account. OOTDs, we're always looking for that ONE (or two) shot. πŸ™ˆ #girls Here's a nom nom I just discovered , thanks to my sweetheart who brought me on an excursion one day after our appointments. 😘 […]

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