Tom N Toms Coffee

🎀🎀 Love, pink. 🎀🎀

[Kristal Knit Dress by #LoveBonito]

The shot that didn't make it to my Instagram account. OOTDs, we're always looking for that ONE (or two) shot. 🙈 #girls

Here's a nom nom I just discovered , thanks to my sweetheart who brought me on an excursion one day after our appointments. 😘

I'm like a hugeeeeeee Smoothie King addict. Only had Very Berry like a million times, Berry Beautiful like a million and one times, Strawberry Kiss a million and two times, and everything else just over a million and three times. Not a lot ~ 😏

But okay anyways, point is that this Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie from Tom N Toms Coffee gives SK a run for their money.

Taste everything like a tantalizing cup of frozen blended strawberry yoghurt. 1. Extremely amazing for this torturous afternoon heat. 2. I can't even describe it right now cos all I want to do is to down one cup Right. This. Moment.

One thing I like is how it doesn't taste too artificial, like bubble tea. It literally taste like you're drinking yoghurt, a nice balance between satisfying a sweet craving and choosing yoghurt smoothies over a gazillion other more sinful options. MUST TRY!

Lunch today @ One Raffles Place (Basement).

Can't recall the name of this place but this cost $17.80. Nice, but a tad too salty towards the end. My other colleagues didn't have much to say about the Pork Slices served with Rice set though, other than "it's like Yoshinoya", which in my opinion is not worth $17.80.

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