Was back at the clinic today, used the toilet & realized how gorgeous those tiles were! #Random

Each of them a tiny shimmering brick almost holographic, reflecting a spectrum of rainbow colors. 🌈 (I tried my best to capture the effect 😟)

I need this in my future bathroom. #mission

I need a getaway. 😭🍹👙

[Dianne Eyelet Dress by #LoveBonito]

On a completely my-caption-does-not-go-with-my-picture note, I really really desperately need a getaway.

Wherever, I don't quite care.

I just want to be away. Far far away. 😢

[Dianne Eyelet Dress by #LoveBonito]

Prata dinner @ Boat Quay.

Late night cravings, what happens when you work extra time.

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