Saturday's bubble bath. 🛀

I'm gonna try to unwind. Hoping to make it a habit every Saturday to take a nice slow bath. We should all slow down. 💤

Running through last Friday's time with the colleagues..

Stumbled upon a nice little Italian restaurant along the streets of Katong. What a little treasure. 💕

Quaint, away from the bustling city. Zero dinner crowd. Delicious Italian cuisine. Just what we all needed.

Two dozens Coffin Bay Oysters. Anyone know where the best oysters are?

The saltiness of the residual seawater trapped in the oyster's flesh, against the tanginess of the fresh lemon juice, slushing around at the back of my throat. I could learn to love this. Though, 2 is still my threshold for now.


Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza, one of my faves. I absolutely love the mouthful of crisp rocket, marinated in the saltiness of the Parma ham. Um-mm. Pizzas with fresh ingredients have become a must! Bye bye Pizza Hut, I won't be missing you!

Pasta with prawns. Asian style it seems, tasted like chao mian. It's unusual but what a change! I suspect the pasta's freshly handmade because I've never tasted something so tender, and.. unprocessed. Two thumbs up!

Finally, ending dinner with a slice of Tiramisu. But I was never a fan so.. I liked the ice cream way better! 😋💦

Pity I don't have the address / the name of the place. I wasn't expecting to enjoy the food. Never a huggge fan of Italian cuisine, plus I wasn't expecting much from a teeny place tucked in a lonely corner.

Goes to show, never make assumptions too soon! Yummy!

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