Sunday Sadness x Lei Garden Restaurant x Biscuit King

Even though it's Sunday today I'm feeling less like this ⬆️

And more like this ⬆️

Cos my body feels like this ⬆️

And I cannot this ⬆️


Been sick a lot this month. A crazy flu last Thursday, haven't exactly recovered and round 2 again today.

This month has also been, and will be, hectic. Company's event on Friday, lovely wedding on Saturday, baby birthday coming Saturday.. And the list goes on.

I need more time! 😭

So, on the list today, I'm going to attempt dumping my backdated photos onto Dayre. BRACE FOR IMPACT EVERYONE!

Ah gong's birthday dinner was last Sunday at Lei Garden Restaurant @ Chijmes

Here's all the grandkids, minus one. 😦

Fried Yam.

Super addictive! 😋💦👍

Ugh my weakness for a good roasted duck! Especially those sinful oily ones. Hip hip hurray!

C'mon c'mon let's go let's go!!!


Think they were prawns.. Nice lah!!! All also nice. Hahahahha! 👍

AMAZING Scallops. Best in my lifetime! Caramelized on the outside ever so slightly charred, sweet chewy and tender on the inside! Woots woots! Food high! Standing ovation this dish!

Layered pork with fried buns. Not a fan of this dish honestly cos I wasn't feeling too porky that night. Loved the buns tho!

Fried Ee Fu Noodles. Nice but not a fan of noodles during dinners like these. Saving the tummy for yummier dishes!

Don't remember what this was (uh-oh), but this was goooooood.

More of that pretty scallop dish hahahhaha.

Happy Birthday Ah Gong! ☺️🎂

Happy family! Yay!

Random bottle of orange juice cos my clients insisted I drank some before I left the appointment. The afternoon sun has been such a killer and people like them always make my day.

Had Casuarina Curry with my folks one weekend and found ourselves at Biscuit King after.

All those biscuits and candies brought back really nostalgic memories and I would definitely bring my future children there next time.

They also have toys like water guns and bubbles that were basically the summary of our childhood in one shop. Absolutely love it there.

Tins of old school biscuits!

Trying out clothes at H&M cos my dress gave up on me after an appointment one day. 😏


Ending this post with a product rave on my blog! Woohoo! I'm loving it ~

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