Violet Oon’s Kitchen x Lau Pa Sat x Paris Baguette x Harry’s Bar x Fiv五 Isakaya Bar x Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

Garam Assam Fish

Family lunch one weekend.

These are 2 of my favorite dishes from what I think is one of the best places to go for Nyonya food.


Kuay Beng Kah with Gula Melaka and Coconut Cream

& the rest are up on my blog (full post) if not this post will go on for forever!

That & plus I ate a hell lot of stuff over the past few weeks, I've accumulated too many backdated noms!


Mala Stir Fry lunch @ Lau Pa Sat with Aiai one day. ✌️



Crab Wasabi Sandwiches from Paris Baguette are THE BOMB. 💣

Plus a Brekkie on the Gogo from Boost. Hearty breakfast for a Saturday morning at work. Yay!


Dinner & drinks after work one day cos we really needed it.

Harry's has one helluva Sausage Bolognese Spaghetti! Unexpected!


Black Forest Ice Cream



Yet another day of drinks & nom nom, we tried almost all the sides there already! This is the Beef Carpaccio, Foie Gras, and Angus Beef cubes. Those aside, I also highly recommend the garlic cockles, but they're such a hassle to eat I warn you.

Beef Carpaccio: (Meh – Yums!)
Foie Gras: (Meh)
Angus Beef: (Yums!)
Garlic Cockles: (Yums!)


Uh-oh, MozzaObsession coming right up! 🙊


Curry Powdered Pork Sausage




Maybe, perhaps, way too many bar food?


The quantity of food pictures might be one too many, but in all honesty these are some of the food I really truly enjoyed recently.

I've hesitated to post them all, procrastinated, and contemplated deleting them instead. However, because they were genuinely fun to have, I felt like I really wanted to share some of these. Hoping that it inspires some of you, when you're having one of those mental-block days.

And… goodnight! (:

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