TWG x Open Wound Story

Sweets for my Sunday.

Before you scroll any further, be warned, gore content.

So I was feeling really hungry on my Saturday afternoon, decided I would make Cream of Mushroom Campbell soup.

Decided to shave in slices of the Parmesan cheese into the soup, as I had, the past 2 times I cooked it.

Used a damn sharp "peeler". I say "peeler" cos it's almost like those you would use to peel fruits, the only difference was this was mega sharp and had jagged / saw-like edges. It's more of a peeler + shredder.

Lo & behold it slipped my grip and a shredded a chunk of my flesh. Literally a piece of meat flew out. 😱

Amusingly, it took a while for it to register in my head what just happened. That and it was weird seeing the slice bear ridges.
*Think Ruffles Potato Chips* It looked exactly like that with the zig-zagged cut.

Oh then blood started gushing out and dripping and overflowing all over the place. It wouldn't stop. I had to wash the cut with soap (only source of "disinfectant" then) thrice.

I placed pressure on it (useless cos there wasn't any "flap" of skin to cover back the wound) with tissues and had to switch to a bath towel because there was too much blood.

Now if you can't bear the sight of blood, please stop scrolling.


This was the amount of blood collected, with my little finger as comparison. It bled through the thick layers of my bath towel. 😨

It bled all the way till midnight (cut: 4.30pm), I wanted to replace the wound with a fresh plaster as the old one was soaked.

Finally caved and took my first bath today (Monday) since Friday as I was left a one handed handicap. I can only be grateful it was my left hand that got injured.

Replaced the bandage in preparation for the week ahead. I flipped the cut the other way cos it's too.. Ew, gross. The amount of blood on the bandage! 😭

Table looking like a surgical table, almost.

It was quite horrifying cos my wound kinda grew onto the surface of the badge since it had no skin to cling on.

So I had to peel it off, and it continued bleeding.

Antiseptic Iodine was a numbing bitch, so painful it felt sadistically pleasurable. Okay I've officially gone bonkers from it.

On the bright side, it's really nice and neat now. I'm quite pleased with my first-aid skills. Haha.

I also got to head down to the salon in my PJs to get my hair washed (& a head massage as a bonus). ✌️Yay? 😜

I'm feeling happy considering how my long weekend turned out.

I could use another one.


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