Christmas Cookie x Tom & Toms

Chilling at Starbucks to give myself a break.

What I thought would be yet another disastrous appointment turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant one.

Customer was so keen to share about his experiences in running a business, was so humble, and down to earth.

Side note, never expected my free venti to be Christmas Cookie Frappuccino. I was so obsessed with the Peppermint Mocha all these years, but I think this one's creeping up my favorites list. πŸ™Š

On another random note, this is the view from our training venue that day. Ah. The pleasures in life..

.. we don't get to enjoy.


Ending this abruptly with.. Snacks I managed to squeeze in between appointments that day.

Yum tum! T&T serves the best yogurt smoothies ever! Strawberry FTW! Also, was so hungry I tried the cream cheese pretzel and its DA BOMB.


If anyone's in the vicinity I highly recommend you try it! The hot pretzel crisp on the outside soft on the inside & warm gooey cream cheese, it's food orgasm all the way!

So gonna go back for more!

Sleep tight!

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