Monster Curry x Paul x Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert

A run through my weekend..

(& already counting down to the next.)

Fried Shrimp Monster Curry after running errands.

Loveeeee Monster Curry!

Partner in crime.

Coffee for 2.

First time trying Cafe Miel (coffee & honey) and it was rather interesting. I will definitely order that again, but with more honey! ☺️

My Lush loot, and crazy gf. 😳

Strawberries & Whipped Cream Eclair was da best! 😋💕

Now I need to exercise. Ugh. Side note though, I really love this sports bra from Adidas. So flattering!

Saw a really cool car with a blue/purple paint that changed as the light hit it. 😳

A round of old school dessert with the fam.

& a random ginormous pineapple cos my dad said I needed to take a picture of it.


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