Red Dot x Shabu Sai x CoCa

Green Beer @ Red Dot Obsession with lamb lately. Even more than beef, that says a lot. Bad beef. Ok it was so so. But bad in comparison to the lamb. Lamb was sooo good! That melt in your mouth red meat goodness! She was tryna recommend me this hand cream & I whipped out […]

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Friday Saturday Sunday MONDAY! ARGH! 😭 Good morning! I'm so not looking forward to the week ahead.

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Xiang xiang dog is a happy dog! Spent Saturday sanitizing Usher! 😝 #UsherTheSpitz Made myself a smoothie cos I had no time for lunch. Here's what's in it! • 1 Banana • 3 Medium Sized Strawberries • 1 Tablespoon Manuka Honey • 5 Walnuts Unsalted / Unsweetened • Small Handful of Cashew Nuts Unsalted / […]

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This was how my TGIF went down. Garlic Prawns. Seafood Stew. Seabass. The many sauces we ended up not using cos the food was too good! What a gorgeous evening! 😊

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Stay Home Sunday

Homemade MacDonald's. Can you see the resemblance! 😃 This was my TGIF. How tired are we supposed to feel when the week ends. 😢 Saturdays & Sundays never seemed to be enough. One moment it's clear And the next, it's a blur. Best lamb ever. The fats taste almost exactly like foie gras, the meat […]

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Dean & DeLuca

Dinner @ Dean & DeLuca that day. Had Seafood Mac & Cheese which was okay. I liked the concept of the store & the decorations though. Especially loved the Green Juice. I don't know what's with me lately, I remember hating my first few green juices and only resorted to them as hangover cures (which […]

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