Red Dot x Shabu Sai x CoCa

Green Beer @ Red Dot

Obsession with lamb lately. Even more than beef, that says a lot.

Bad beef. Ok it was so so. But bad in comparison to the lamb. Lamb was sooo good! That melt in your mouth red meat goodness!

She was tryna recommend me this hand cream & I whipped out mine!


Guess which scent is mine! Yummy!

Never a hand cream person but I'm kinda hooked on this, says a lot. I think it absorbs into the skin beautifully.

Okay, mine's the frosted cranberry. ^^

Very tired faces! 😭

Otw to lunch the next day! Rain or shine!


Shabu Sai! (:

Steamboat is always a good idea, especially after drinks.

On a separate day..

Steamboat is also always a good idea after a long hard day at work.

Battle wounds. 🚑

Yum tum! ^^

Steamboat err day every day!

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