Dark chocolate ice cream because.. Work. Chocolate is always good. I think. Or I heard. 1 dark chocolate a day helps with slimming right? And chocolate helps with endorphin production? And menstrual cramps? And it tastes good? I think. Hehe.

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Technology 🔥

Current situation. I'm transferring phones now in between appointments. I'm frustrated with technology. What is a hardware problem. Consulted 2 staffs at 2 service centers separately and no one has an advice. So I bought a new phone, in the same color, because my work needs WhatsApp more than me. 2 same phones! *Throw hands […]

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Hippie Lippie 💋

Bought new stuff to play with.. Am so excited! More lip colors! Yay! #CarmenSpendsMoolah MAT2 MAT2 – Salmon Pink MAT5 – Soft Pink MAT2 Salmon Pink This is a your-lips-but-better peachy nude and I loveee it! MAT5 – Soft Pink This is a matte pink! Looks a bit like my fave Chanel matte pink lipstick, […]

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My whatsapp is down. & I am so sad. For everyone who's trying to contact me, My whatsapp is down! & I am so sad! 😭😭😭 I can SMS & call tho. 😔

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Sundays are for shopping.

Current situation @ home. I do this every now and then.. Take out some clothes from deep inside the closet, wash them, iron them, wear them. And for those I've been wearing on repeat for the last quarter of the year or so, fold them, put them deep into the closet. I feel like this […]

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Laduree macarons in bed cos I'm feeling rubbish. Woke up with a flu, a headache from the night before, and a swollen puffy eye. Escalated into body aches and a full blown flu by noon. Woke up at 8.40pm with blocked nose & now, tummy ache & diarrhea. This week's been rubbish for my body. […]

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Friday's trip back into town. Snippets from my snapchat. Still getting used to that bandwagon. Add me at carrmenntann 😁 Honestly, I'm just terrible at finding out my friend's handles. I strongly believe I've added a bunch of misspelled usernames. 😶 A little peek at dinner. Although I much prefer lamb these days. Just a […]

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Serious cravings for Fish Kebab Wrap from Zurich. & Sushi. I crave for Sushi a lot when I'm at home, and at night. = no delivery, no Japanese restaurants open. 😭 Sashimi. Chirashi Don. 😱

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Today I read an article about how cumulative sleep debt is actually a thing. I am suffering from cumulative sleep debt. Confirm.

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