Laduree macarons in bed cos I'm feeling rubbish.

Woke up with a flu, a headache from the night before, and a swollen puffy eye.

Escalated into body aches and a full blown flu by noon.

Woke up at 8.40pm with blocked nose & now, tummy ache & diarrhea. This week's been rubbish for my body.

I know macarons are heaty, and probably not the wisest choice. But I need that sugar. Besides, I'm on my second cup of Chrysanthemum tea.. 🤕

This little one accompanying me in bed.

Throwback to one of the most delicious waffle ice cream I've had in so long.

Not sure if it was because I was freaking hungry..

Or the combination..

Or that hint of maple syrup.

Something about the peanut butter sesame seed, tasted so heavenly with the crispy fluffy waffle. It's like peanut butter waffles upgraded. And that waffle crunch, made it super addictive. Last but not least, the maple syrup reminded me of macs pancakes, such a familiar combination. 💞 4 distinct flavor, 1 orgasm.

Also.. I'm slightly obsessed with Snapchat.

Last Friday's whines

Spent over an hour waiting for a customer at Tuas.

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