Star Awards & Sunday Shopping

Today's Sunday again.. We all know what that means..


But also, I'm catching the Star Awards on TV. I don't usually like watching it.. But I'm a sucker for gorgeous gowns.. So.. Hehe.

I love what they did with the stage.. So much flowers! Like a garden / forest theme. 👍🏻 Loving how this wild forest theme made it big this year 😍

Next generation of ah jies

Sigh.. Which reminds me.. I need to go on a diet!!! Yogaaaaaaaa! I need to pick up yogaaaaa! & go back on my lemon water routine I started this year but failed to continue miserably! & more vegetables & salads!!!

For my own health too also lah, I've been so bad at eating healthy & my mood is constantly meh cos my body feels meh, chemically. You know like how they say eating healthy makes u feel good inside out, yah I feel so meh inside out cos my diet is horrendous!

My willpower when it comes to exercise is.. NIL. NA.

But on a random note I like buying water bottles / tumblers, though I almost always forget to drink water. 😅

I'm eyeing on this. Hehe. The whipped cream detail is too chio! 😍

I'm also narrowing down my choices for tonight, every Sunday "homework".

Soon I might need to start my selling accounts back up.. But.. I can't bear to part with the items!!! 😭 #dilemma

Picked this up from TTR cos I think it'll make an awesome weekend top with denim shorts & sneakers! 😍

One down, one more site to go! 🙆🏻😂💸

I couldn't resist! 😣 Rompers look so weird on me so a 2 piece with matching prints is purrrrfect!

Yay! Pang gang for Sunday shopping! 🙆🏻

& omg omg omg. Anyone saw Rui En's speech? #Respect

I'm not sure if she's right or wrong & I'm not one who cares much about entertainment news.. But really respect, she swallowed all the negativity & gave her apology anyway. & I do think since the last Star Awards the media / public has given her a really hard time. C'mon, we're all humans. Don't make news out of nothing leh. 🙄 #definitelyaruienfannow 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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