Good morning!

I looooveee waking up on weekends! Wake up snuggle go back to bed, wake up snuggle go back to bed, wake up go back to bed wake up go back to bed, wake up.. Nua on the sofa.

So shiok!

Cute little things! ☺️

Absolutely obsessed with all things scallop hem!

& Pleats!!! 😍

I will never wanna be a guy! I think girls have so much more fun clothes.. Seriously whoever came up with scallop hem.. is a genius! The workmanship that goes into each hem.. Not like the typical boring straight cuts that machines can put together blindly!

Ootd selection.. Completed!

Isn't this always a.. Confusing process..

Even the slightest lighting / shadow / wind / strand of hair not in place..

Or am I just OCD.


& on a random note I think this filter suits the dress! 😂

Colourful dinner @ Carvers and co.

Having such a headache right now.

So a while back my crazy iPhone 6 went to heaven and I had to buy a new one cos well.. Everyone at work needed to look for me. -.-

After much trouble I bought the iPhone 6s which decided to hang on me like the very next day.. So after procrastinating, we arranged for a 1-1 replacement.

Then when the replacement came there was a disclaimer that said it could be a new / used / refurbished unit. 🔥

By then I already had the Apple staff rectify the issue on my handset.. And since it could be a used unit, it didn't make sense anymore for me to exchange my new handset for a possibly old handset. 💀🔫

So I erased whatever little data transfer I got started with and held on to my original handset.

Few days down, daddy called them and verified that the replacement unit sent over was.. New. They confirmed. Hence, therefore, I spent most of today doing.. Data transfer. Almost the whole day.

Only to find out to my horror that.. The replacement unit had a odd yellowish tint!!! 🔥🔥🔥


I googled what the ARGH was going on and found out that it is an existing issue.. Some say it's the glue they use? -.- or Apple's decision to make the screen "warmer" as it portrays colours more naturally..

Whichever it is I took an hour odd figuring if it was a rectifiable defect, or which I preferred to begin with.

And I finally decided to hold on to my original, cooler unit 😭

Reason being.. I already like pictures to be on the cooler side anyways.. And most photos I like seeing looks better with a cooler tone.. And I cannot stand a yellowish white cos it just looks dirty.. #ocd.. And the image for some reason also looks brighter, sharper, and more crisp & fresh looking.


I almost finished setting up the replacement set.. Like.. Everything except logging into the individual apps with my accounts.. Now I've got to erase back to factory setting.. What a waste.

Okay.. Long rant over.

Idk what's with Apple these days.. But enough ah Apple. I'm going crazy with all the transfers already. 😢


Back to my headache cos I've been starring at screens all day long.

Bye bye Sunday.

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