Why am I feeling so blue. Final Day, Month End. Work aside though, why do I feel so.. Blue.

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Day 3, Mood: I can't get up. Sliced my hand open lol. Now that's a new way to start the day.

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Saw a grass cutter cutting grass, I legit thought he was taking ootd of his shoes. 😳 Hallucinating liao. Month End, Day 2. Mood: Delusional

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Work Whines

Laptop's virgin drop today. 😢💔 Other than the ginormous scratch, the whole base is dented in, the edges don't even joint anymore! Wo de Apple!!! 😭 The past week was.. Terrorising. Had so much to do at work everyday, I lost track of how to start and where to end. And it's not even month […]

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Sephora x Tarte Cosmetics

This one I cannot resist. 😅 Had training at Tampines today, had my female colleagues with me, had a Sephora in Tampines, have a Black Card. Had to. #Sephora Cheeky little buys. Thank goodness I had my colleagues with me, the last time they had sale I was in there for 1-2 hours! 💀🔫 So […]

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I've been toying with the idea of starting up my selling accounts again.. Previously we all used a separate ig account / Agnes Maurice / blogger etc.. Ig: @ShopCarrmenntann Agnes Maurice: Carrmenntann Blogger: ShopCarrmenntann.blogspot.com So while I was contemplating I realised the whole world shifted to Carousell 😦 I feel like Aunty liao.. I […]

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