“Work” on a Sunday x Cafe Melba

This morning's shenanigans. 6.30am reporting time at ECP, SIAO. 💀💤 #CafeMelba's #GreekSalad topped with additional Smoked Chicken, cos I was craving feta cheese, & chicken, independently. Avocado Lassi. Loved this combination, both the salad & lassi was on point, perfect for a Sunday brunch. Tbh, work's driving me rather cray the past week. Really needed […]

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Homemade Porridge x Salad

Rise & Shine! Breakfast today was first attempt at porridge! I bought the Apple & Cinnamon Porridge yesterday at Raffles City's MarketPlace & decided to have a go at it. The instructions seemed rather easy & anyone who knows me knows I can't cook to save my life. 😐 Oh & I love super-marketing at […]

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Joe & The Juicer x Brotzeit

When you completely let go & allow them to decide what you drink. Back at Joe & The Juice, no more mental capacity to even order myself something. Today's TGIF eat "clean" dinner went a bit cray cray.. But this week has been soo hectic, my willpower was.. Weak 😞 Because I was still craving […]

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Homemade. 🏠🍽

I'm just going to shamelessly continue writing cos the amount of backlog accumulated is embarrassing. 😶 Keeping track of the bits & bobs cos one day I might eat clean again and I'll need food inspiration. 😂 #CarmenEatsClean This is grocery shopping gone wild. 🤐 I bought 4L of coconut water cos 4 x 500ml […]

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🙆🏻 + 🌱 = 💕

Aloha! I haven't been slacking in my #CarmenEatsClean plan! Okay I did, on weekends, but technically those are cheat days, sorta. But I'm back with more yummy salads! First up the Sashimi Salad from #IchibanBoshi. It's nice, it's a quick fix. But…….. Don't count on the freshness okay. I left the tuna aside cos it […]

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