I need a holiday, bad.

View from Ion. #nofilter #quoteontheglass

I also temporarily changed my phone case cos I got bored at work during lunch hour 🙈 uh-oh.

Skipped the launches today cos I've soooo much clothes from previous weeks! 😖 Backlog lol! All thanks to month end. 😢

Ootd today.. Trying to get back on track posting in ig 🙈

Fooled around with Snapchat cos it's been a while! 🙃

I couldn't resist HAHHAHAHAHHAHA!

Okay actually cos I posted a very unglam one second shot of the bread filter prior to this.

So, in case I 嫁不出去 in future this is like a.. Redemption. Hopefully. Lol 😅

My eat clean plan still going strong.

Kind of.

Until I fell sick yesterday, like really bad bad flu. Dragged my ass to MBS for a wedding 🙆🏻 but I caved and ate instant noodles before heading over cos I had to swallow a second flu pill and I don't wish to die from taking too much drugs on an empty stomach. #kuazhang

Then I also ate at the wedding dinner cos.. Very weird if I just sit there! LOL. #excuses

And we went for drinks after.

And today I had mala breakfast cos.. I'm sick leh.

And yummy pork chop dinner cos.. I need the nutrients?


Okay I just take it as this weekend off. Cos.. SICK MAH. 😂

Got to know when to take in more substantial food to stay alive.

(Long rant warning)

So.. Now the flu's gone.. For some freaking reason I'm losing my voice, and I can feel an itchy throat / cough arriving. I seldom cough tbh. I only fall sick with flu when I'm over exhausted. I rarely fall sick in any other ways, eg catch a cold / share food with sick people etc..

ANYWAYS. I hopped onto the Acai Bowl bandwagon and to my surprise I LOVE IT!

I'm going back for more!

I thought it'll be overwhelmingly sweet, which is not ideal for lunch replacement. But this taste like ICE CREAM, less sweet.

LOVE LOVE LOVE. Will go hunt down other shops, and.. Maybe try the peanut butter option! 🙆🏻😋💦

This is Project Acai @ Takashimaya btw.


Another of my eat clean meal replacement go to is.. Supply & Demand @ Orchard Gateway.

This is the Shrimp & Avocado salad, I just love the fresh shrimps! There's also cherry tomatoes, almonds, and a good mix of salad veggies.

I HATE those shredded cabbage / iceberg lettuce combination cos there's not much taste to it just crispy juicy. Makes me feel like a cow eating it 🐮

Because I've a slight tolerance for bitter leafy vegs, I love arugula.. baby spinach etc instead.

Last but not least, Cedele's Design-Your-Own-Salad at 71 Robinson Road is a good option if you're working in the CBD area. Popped by that day after visiting the lawyer's office, and omg in that kinda heat, fresh crispy sweet salad veggies and coconut juice is HEAVENLY.

My choices were the baby spinach as base, smoked salmon as protein, and capsicum, beetroot & cherry tomatoes as my 3 veg choices. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Many many thumbs up, this was the freshest salad bowl thus far.

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