PH Break! 🙌🏻


On this episode.. Of #CarmenEatsClean

Hehe.. Last night's dinner was a selection of 5 Sashimi from #SushiBar @ Takashimaya 🙆🏻💕 Woots Woots! 🙌🏻

I'm telling you the tako sashimi is the BEST I EVER HAD. For some reason it's extremely juicy and soft (totally not rubbery), and the juice is salty sweet. I swear it taste just like abalone slices OR BETTER. Dk what they did to it but soooooo damn good. Yay!

Turned to snapchat for some entertainment 😂

Pardon my shiny face lol, no make up and a whole lot of skincare to revive my skin on a ph break. 😊

The hardest part is when you want something warm in your tummy, or comforting food after a long day. Food makes me happy, and a good feast can certainly ease my work headache even if just temporarily.

Although I must say this whole detox definitely made my lifestyle a whole lot healthier. Pressing on, going strong! 💪🏻

Dinner is served! 🙆🏻

What's in my salad #. 😁

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