Greeeeeeen! 🌱

Breakfast today was a huge success! A few of my friends commented in snapchat that it looks restaurant-ish! Whee! 🙆🏻💕

For someone that cannot cook, won't starve to death can liao! 😂

My home salads are very similar, that's bcos I know exactly what I like in a salad, I stock up, and I pretty much create the same base. Also, I'm cutting down on salt / seasoning so really, the ingredients are limited.

Today's awesome protein source includes a hardboiled egg, air-fried fish marinated in olive oil dill & parsley, shrimps marinated in olive oil parsley & Italian herbs.

The usual greens drizzled with even more olive oil, cherry tomatoes, red capsicum, onions, and pine nuts.

Oh & a cuppa honey water. 😁✌🏻️

Then it was off to run errands with my mum..

.. To get food I cannot eat 😞

It's looks delish! 😣

So I made myself my own version of an afternoon snack, blueberries & granola yoghurt drizzled with honey.

Okay mine also nice hehe. 😊✌🏻️


Before I know it, it's dinner time. Kept it simple, same base but more shrimps and minus the fish & egg cos its late and I'm not that hungry anyways.

Added green capsicum! I loveeeee capsicums! Am I weird!

I made a dressing too! Equal parts lemon juice and yes, olive oil! Cos olive oil is good for you! I also added more Italian herbs and parsley and 2 cloves of minced garlic since I'll be home anyway! Smelly nvm! 😁

& honey water!

It's gonna be an early night for me tonight cos tada! I finally got myself some cough syrup cos I've been coughing my lungs out since last Sunday 🙊🔥

Goooooodnight! 😊


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