Super Marketing x Cheat Day

Yay! It's the weekends! Mornings with my family 💕

Grocery shopping cos 2/4 on detox. 😂

Pretty tomatoes 🍅

My 2 favourite tea.

I swear by the Rose with French Vanilla tea by Dilmah and I highly highly recommend. It's better than earl grey, a sweet floral vanilla-y tea.

Dilmah is by far my favourite tea brand, even better than TWG imo. 👍🏻

Since I'm on a caffeine detox on weekdays, I'm turning to Camomile tea, sweetened with honey. Yums!

Breakfast was mee pok.. And I caved cos 313 mala cao is like super delish.. 😭 Two breakfasts!!!

So I guess dinner will be an Acai smoothie? Sigh. 🙍🏻

Weekends = Cheat Days.

I enjoy breakfasts with my family, & catching up, so that'll justify the planned cheat.

Oh oh oh! And I found THIS library accidentally! I never knew it was inside a mall! 😮 That's good to know, maybe I should pick up some books from there in future, so convenient!

Yesterday's ootd up on ig! Whee!

Matched this 2 piece with sneakers, love love love comfy clothes! 💕💕💕

#TheClosetLover #TCLootd

Yay! Got done with facial! After facial selfies can be so hit or miss 😅

Strawberry-Banana Acai Honey Smoothie before I pop some pills again. 🙆🏻

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