What’s in my salad

Early dinner today yay! Cos I got pills to eat boo.

This is the smartest move I've made, buying smoked salmon & avocado 👍🏻

I've always loved this combination, on a toast, a bagel, in a salad.. So when I finally got down to buying them, the salad is TO DIE FOR. #selfpraise 😊

1. Mixed greens drizzled with olive oil
2. Half avocado
3. Pine Nuts
4. Chopped raw cashews
5. Cherry tomatoes
6. Red & green capsicum
7. Thinly sliced onions
8. Smoked salmon

#CarmenEatsClean 🙆🏻


😁 I'm supposed to be working in the office but my bosses around so I adjourned elsewhere to avoid them.


Instead of working I'm playing with Snapchat lolll.

Tadadadada~ #ThugLife
So gonna regret this. 😈

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