🙆🏻 + 🌱 = ðŸ’•


I haven't been slacking in my #CarmenEatsClean plan! Okay I did, on weekends, but technically those are cheat days, sorta. But I'm back with more yummy salads!

First up the Sashimi Salad from #IchibanBoshi. It's nice, it's a quick fix. But…….. Don't count on the freshness okay. I left the tuna aside cos it was sour but they insisted its normal 😓 Thank goodness I trusted my gut cos hours later I had a small tummy ache from the very few chunks I tried. 😒

Fast becoming my FAVOURITE salad is the one from Cedele. I love chilling at Cedele, don't ask me why. I like their Eat Well, Be Well concept so maybe it puts me in a good mood whenever I'm there.

This is the Shrimp & Avocado Salad with Orange Mustard Dressing. Definitely a thumbs up from me! 👍🏻 The prawns are "grilled and lightly seasoned", but I do think the seasoning is sufficient and that's one of the reason I love this soo much! 🙆🏻😋💦

I'm omw to having two servings per meal one day heh. 😅

Another Cedele option that I've mentioned before, the design-your-own-salad. Found a different outlet tho, located at Chevron. Off peak, it's actually a rather nice place to chill.

Oh oh oh, and I must add, so far they have the best coconut water! 😂

They have the freshest greens.

My picks are spinach as base, edamame tomatoes beetroot egg as "veggies", and smoked salmon a go-to choice for protein.

Last Friday night ~

No we did not dance on tabletops (old liao). Met up with the girls to talk about anything & everything under the sun! 💕


For a change, we did not have a single drink on a tgif. Partly cos I was eating clean as well lah. 🍻🙅🏻

Dinner was a rather healthy option still. I decided on the Chirashi don, but I do think it might be poke-influenced cos the sashimi was marinated.

It was D E L I C I O U S.

I'm still craving it today.

Other than the fact that it's a don, and I'm cutting out unnecessary / unhealthy carbs. So.. Thank goodness they had brown rice and its superrrrrr yummy.

Tbh, I don't like marinated sashimi, but this bowl.. I am OBSESSED.

It's #KojiSushiBar @ Chinasquare if you're working in the area 😉

And for today's dinner, heh. I'm back at Cedele for my Shrimp & Avocado Salad just bcos. 🙈

I had a craving. 🙊

Eating clean going strong! (sorta)

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