Joe & The Juicer x Brotzeit

When you completely let go & allow them to decide what you drink.

Back at Joe & The Juice, no more mental capacity to even order myself something.

Today's TGIF eat "clean" dinner went a bit cray cray..

But this week has been soo hectic, my willpower was.. Weak 😞

Because I was still craving burrata, I ordered the Mozzarella Salad which was soo bomb diggity!

There's also grilled zucchini inside, super xiang croutons, green olives, cherry tomatoes, and last but not least that fine ass pesto sauce. That made the salad. 😋👍🏻


But that was vegetarian so I treated myself to a side of cold cut..

Ham & the salad, classic.
Parma & grapes, BOMB.
Salami & pickles & salad, BOMB.
Skipped bacon bcos…… It was bacon. 😂

Friday's eat clean, albeit not the healthiest with all that sauce and high sodium protein. But what the heck. 🙆🏻

My life was so complete then.

Until I had to whip out my laptop and finish up some urgent work. 🤕


#JoeAndTheJuicer #Brotzeit #Salad #Cheese #ColdCut #Mozzarella #GreenJuice

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