Homemade Porridge x Salad

Rise & Shine!

Breakfast today was first attempt at porridge!

I bought the Apple & Cinnamon Porridge yesterday at Raffles City's MarketPlace & decided to have a go at it. The instructions seemed rather easy & anyone who knows me knows I can't cook to save my life. 😐

Oh & I love super-marketing at MarketPlace / Cold Storage @ Takashimaya bcos there's a fair bit of health food & they carrying a wide range of "non-Singaporean" ingredients, reminds me of being overseas. #nostalgia

1. Cook 1/2 cup porridge with 1 cup milk / juice on a medium heat. Stir often. I used coconut water bcos I'm on a dairy detox too (yet another component lol), & carton juices have way too much sugar imo (& I'm on sugar detox as much as possible). πŸ˜… I made sure not to let it boil, just simmer, bcos I really dk if coconut water should be boiling lol. Here, evident, my lack of cooking knowledge. 😢

2. Add fruits. I added in order as to which will take Γ© longest to soften. Sweet pear, then berries.

3. More cinnamon powder cos why not, and sweetened with honey.

4. Plate. Topped with a few slices of banana, & sunflower seeds.

I definitely made way too much for breakfast. The packaging said half a cup & I didn't trust that it was enough. Turns out, half a cup would be perfect once it all bloats up. 😢 #geykiang

First attempt, successful.

However the next time I will be less greedy with adding my fruits. I was skeptical initially & thought that it would taste bland. So perhaps I'll just stick to either:

1. Apple Cinnamon Porridge with Sweet Pear
2. Caramelised Banana & Blueberries Honey Porridge
3. Apple Cinnamon Porridge topped with Fresh Peaches, as suggested.

Om nom nom.


#detox #porridge #recipe

Puppy times.



I look different with my hair tucked back hm πŸ€”

πŸ‘— Dress: #LoveBonito #LBootd

How I usually wear my seatbelt 😁

Selfie > Safety

Today's one of those days I had time & was in the mood to make a fancy #salad.

Base: Mixed Leafy Greens / #CherryTomatoes / Red & Green #Capsicum / Fresh Button #Mushroom / Japanese #Cucumber / #PineNuts / Chopped #Pecans

Protein: 4 boiled #Shrimps / 3 air-fried olive oil & dill #Scallops / air-fried #Fish olive oil, dill & a pinch of #HimalayanSalt / 5 #QuailEggs

Dressing: Jus from the seafood / a clove of minced Garlic / #OliveOil / a dash of Italian Herbs, Himalayan Salt & Pepper

#recipe #ingredients #eatclean

Cuppa coconut water.. Decided to chill over "Me Before You" cos I heard so much good things about the show and.. It was gooooood! Been a while since the last worthy movie.

Voluntary euthanasia is such a controversial topic. When I first found out my reaction was what the heck? But after reading tons of perspectives.. It's like.. I still think it's cray, but there are two sides to every coin.

Anyways! I found more eps of Pretty Little Liars so I'm gonna binge watch as many eps as I can πŸ’ͺ🏻😁


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