TGIF & Month End(ed) 🙆🏻 x The Coastal Settlement

Hurray! Cannot explain that feeling of relief the moment I finished clearing work @ 8.30pm.

Dinner, finally.

Look at ma shag face, but trying v hard to channel that inner joy for a tgif selfie 😊

What am I feeling right now? Peace, peace, & only peace. Oh, & exhaustion. Slept 3.5 hrs last night, & only 2 hrs the night before. Previous nights weren't any better. So much misc stuff this past week it was tricky juggling them all, but we made it. All cleared, month end cleared, head.. Cleared. 👍🏻

& bcos I know what will make me feel better……. I'm back at #TheCoastalSettlement. Dang I love this place!

& having my favourite salad in the whole wide world!!!

Tomato, Burrata & Prosciutto: San Marzano Tomato, Burrata Cheese, Basil Oil, 16 Months Aged Prosciutto, Arugula Salad, Toast.

Life is back on track! 💪🏻

Wagyu Cubes: Australian Wagyu Beef Cubes with Mushroom Salsa. Mesclun Salad, Japanese Dressing.

This baby is gem! Wagyu cubes so tender & buttery!

In comparison, the Buratta Cheese Salad was light & refreshing, the Wagyu Cubes Salad was a flavourful savoury warm bite.

Both gorgeous salads in their own ways.

I. Will. Eat. Two. Salads. Again. One. Day.


#CarmenEatsClean #TGIF version 😊

XO Prawn Aglio Olio: Fresh Prawns, Garlic Confit, Prawn Stock, XO Sauce Bird Eye Chilli Spaghetti.

This one I did not eat but I can vouch that the aroma was to-die-for. 💣

Churros & Ice Cream! Chocolate & Strawberries!

Detox = 🙅🏻 Dessert!



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