ShopBack, EzBuy, Launches x TCM x Homemade Meals x OOTD

Yay! Cashed out $33+ from my ShopBack account! πŸ™†πŸ» 7-14 days to being a little richer! In this day & age, shopping can be so fun! Dig around a little.. discount codes, rebates, points etc etc stack'em all! How many can you stack!

I also just tried EzBuy cos the whole world seems to be on it. What on earth is Free Agent Fee! πŸ˜‚ I was curious so I ended up making a purchase of bits & bobs to test it out, since, Free Agent Fee πŸ˜… Hahahahahha.

Online shopping has become so convenient. Too convenient.

A few clicks & suddenly I'm poorer by $x. Even making payments are like *snap* Done. Pros & cons baby ~
πŸ‘—πŸ‘™πŸ‘Ÿ v.s. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Sunday Launches

Feeling super sad cos I really NEEDED é AFA Stan Cuff Pants for work. They're so perfectly comfy & easy to dress up & down, & that shade of pink was to-die-for! 😭

But I misread the "..7pm GMT +8" as 8pm & I set Γ© alarm for 7.45pm & I was just sitting at Γ© dinning table completely unaware I was missing out on Γ© launch. ARGH.

Now let's hope they're opening up for B/O, or is anyone letting go of é pink & white!?! 😭 I hate having to wait for forever for é B/O to deliver, neck long like giraffe!

Luckily though, on a happier note, I also logged into my OhVola account at 7.45pm & realised that they launched early! Phew!

So I at least managed to cart out that pretty top yay! πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ’•

Saturday's Shenanigans

Anyone else love this filter? πŸ’•

Makes my skin look like I've a perfect tan! Or I've πŸ‘πŸ» bronzing skills.

In actual fact I'm rather average, I don't tan but I'm also not fair. During busy periods my skin looks dead / flat πŸ˜‚ Like all the life got sucked out of it πŸ˜…

Choice of lippie that day: #Tarte's Cabana Boy.

I don't own many dark lippies, I'm more of a baby pink / hot pink / fuchsia pink / coral pink / cool tone pink kinda girl. Pink just looks better on my skin imo.

But this #TarteCosmetics one I love soo much! I think it gives me a different look, but doesn't make me look odd. Am I making sense? Like I don't feel its out of place even tho it's not a colour I wear often. Gives me a more zen mysterious vibe i/o a bright pink that yells "HEY, HI!"

Visited Γ© TCM clinic w my parents cos my dad was coughing so bad but Western medicine had no effect on him?

Here's all 4 of us, Γ© TCM Doctor said a hell lot of weird stuff.

1. To not eat too much fresh fruits & vegetables cos it's too "liang" for Γ© body? Maybe once or twice a week, & preferably not after 5pm, ideally salads should be for lunch.
2. So πŸ™…πŸ» salads, he said to drink soup instead. Listen to our body? Huh?

Also, don't eat peanuts / yoghurt / milk / chicken / egg.. & so much more 😰😰

But I still made salad for dinner..

Not only that..

& I ate at 12am, midnight LOL

Okay cos I really don't buy that fresh fruits & vegetables are bad for you.

How can that be!

So here's a Black Pepper Fish Fillet, & Basil Pesto Shrimps, with Baby Spinach & Olives & Pine Nuts & Pecans HEHE. #naughty

But it was delish, although I probably will agree that I should not have eaten this at 12am, or anything at all for that matter.

I've been really out of hand this week.

Let me just say my breakfast was laksa + mee siam + wanton mee + kopi peng.

So I broke Γ© following rules:
β€’ No salt / (bad) oil (in this case chilli oil & whatever else)
β€’ No milk (laksa has coconut milk, coffee has dairy milk & condensed milk)
β€’ No caffeine (coffee)
β€’ No carbs (mee)

I should so be jailed.

1. I had a rough 1.5-2 weeks
2. My brother did not join us so it's my duty as a daughter to accompany my folks eat πŸ˜‚

I also had 2 servings of salad at TCS for dinner on Friday AHHHHH.

& then if you think I've not yet sinned enough, I snacked. 12.55am. I was not hungry, I just felt like treating myself, while indulging in Pretty Little Liars 😢

Forelle pear & peanut butter turned out to be such a bomb combination. The sweetness & saltiness was just the right balance, also cos this pear was not tangy at all, they complemented each other really, really well.


Oh o tee dee πŸ“·

Obsessed with this grey wall.

I'm also obsessed with necklines like these atm. Lb does it just right, not too high / low, loose / tight. But looks really prim & proper & classy. πŸ’• There's this one other piece that's sleeveless & in black, from an ootd not too long ago, that one stole my heart as well. πŸ’•

Top: #LoveBonito #LBootd
πŸ•: #DanielWellington

Finally back home, 11.33pm.

Gosh. Where has all the time gone!?!

This is what I really need right now..

& then quite a couple of stuff left to clear & handle.. Sigh.. I need more hours!

& bcos this post is definitely too long, I'm gonna break today's ζœ‰ηš„ζ²‘ηš„ for tomorrow!

Short break bye!

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